Balance is over-rated

july 10, 2018


What is a work life balance? Someone please explain. This blog post might be more a cry for help than anything else? For the past 8 months, I've been trying to figure that out and not really succeeding.

In all seriousness, something that I've learned about myself in the process of working at a few jobs and on a few projects at once is that this is probably something I'm never really going to come to terms with. My favourite kinds of work are creative. And my favourite pastimes are creative, too. So I find it incredibly difficult to separate the two things. I think I'm actually pretty OK with this. I don't feel a desperate need to make big changes even though I read a lot of blogs about finding your balance, creating healthy routines, saying no. Etc. Etc. I don't really want to do those things at this point in my life, so I'm not going to let that add to my stress. Is that a weird decision? Probably for a lot of people, but right now I feel like it suits me just fine. So I'm going to keep saying yes, until I don't want to anymore and then I'll re-evaluate. I think that's what balance is for me. 

One of my other biggest challenges during this weird, transitional time in my life is that my day job is, in a word, a little dry. I have long periods in my week where I have to find a lot of self-motivation to work on things and create tasks for myself. Not exactly my biggest strength but I'm working on it.

I often take long walks around the campus where I work (I work at a university) and I feel really lucky to have absolutely nothing to do on these walks but think, listen to music, and take photos. They're not particularly amazing photos. I take them on my iPhone when I see things that interest me or make me feel something. A lot of these photos come from the School of Art. There are a number of student art galleries that I visit on a weekly basis and these are some of the most peaceful and restful moments of my days and weeks. I'm always overwhelmed by a sense of complete awe that I get to experience art created by people who felt something and had the ability to turn those feelings or ideas into something tangible. I don't really know a lot about art, the history or the technicalities, but wandering through these exhibits helps me feel really human. I love that. Hey, maybe that's balance.