01 | social media management

Ultimately, you want your presence on social media to impact and engage your target audience. This package includes anything and everything your business or brand needs to make social media work for you. 

content creation (photos, captions, blog posts)
post scheduling
post monitoring
audience engagement

02 | content creation/photography

High quality content will make you stand out in a highly saturated social media landscape. If you've already got a handle on connecting with your target audience, but are looking to upgrade your content, I can help brand and maintain consistency in the images and content you're putting out on all your social channels.

branded social media images
portrait sessions
product photography & styling

03 | social media consulting

Spending hours crafting perfectly written captions and taking beautifully framed shots for your social media accounts – but not getting the engagement you desperately need to help your business succeed? I can help you make and execute a plan that will reduce the time you spend on social media and increase the engagement you get on daily posts.


04 | copywriting

Words matter. Your clients will scour your website and read your online bio before they ever send you an email or purchase your products. Whether it's website copy, a newsletter, blog, or anything else that requires text – I can craft a message that will help your audience understand who you are and what you're saying in a clear and concise way.

blog posts
social media captions
website copy
email newsletters

05 | design

Good design is essential no matter what platform you're using to reach your audience. Words, images, and design all work together to tell the story of your brand.

social media graphics
brochures and flyers
branding projects
business cards

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