welcome here and other fun things

February 16, 2018


Hi! You made it!

Before you read any further, I need to admit something right away: I've made lots of plans and announcements over the last year that haven't happened. I just straight up didn't do them. Or I put them off until it was awkward. 

I said I'd be starting a blog. Then I didn't. I also said I'd be launching my business website. Which I'm kinda, sorta doing right now? But it's pretty different (and has taken much longer) than I originally thought.

And I'm super ok with all of that. I've learned more about myself and been busier than I've ever been in my life over the past few months and honestly, I am so incredibly happy with how things have ended up and turned out - for now anyways. I anticipate that they'll change a lot. All the time. I'm not very good at sitting still. I love making plans and then watching them fall apart to make way for something that's way better than anything I could have ever orchestrated. 

Let me elaborate a little on what I'm going on about. In 2016, I got my dream job working at a creative agency in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (If you're reading from outside Canada, look us up. We're real cold and also real cool here in the North.)

It was an amazing experience, but even before I started at the agency, I knew I wanted to find a way to do what I really loved for myself, with flexibility, and the ability to choose the types of brands, clients, and people I worked with. 

So a few months ago I left my super cool, dream job and I decided to put myself out there and offer up my services to local entrepreneurs and businesses as a social media strategist/marketer/designer/writer/photographer. (More on this later... I have a pretty hard time categorizing what, exactly, is my specialty.) 

I imagined it would all sort itself out as I worked at my day job and worked on my business plan by night. I figured I'd launch my business site by early 2018 and officially launch my business in the summer when my term position at my day job ended. But a super cool and super unexpected thing happened and I started getting clients right away. And I got super busy. And all of a sudden I was booking clients and making amazing connections in my city with people I admired and had always dreamed of working with.

On top of this, I started spending more time researching the things I loved. Design, fashion, art. And I kept posting about all of it on Instagram and I started to think a little about how to incorporate some of these other passions into a blog that would go along with my business portfolio site.

And then I got a call from a local company called Well Curated asking if I would join their team and be a sort of all-purpose-creative – a.k.a. – do all the things I loved: from social media to photo shoot planning to designing. So I said yes. Because I love working on a team, and I love the projects and clients that Well Curated attracts. 

So, where does that leave this website/blog/portfolio/business? I don't know, really. This is all turning out really differently from how I planned, and I'm so incredibly thankful for that. 

I think I'm going to use this space to blog and share my thoughts on cool local events, art, design, fashion, style, and collaborations with great companies and brands. I can honestly say that I can't fully predict how 2018 is going to look, but I know I'm doing the things that I'm really passionate about. I also know I'd love to grab coffee with you or work with you over at Well Curated (seriously, hit me up and we can make it happen), or promote your brand on Instagram and this blog (if it's in-line with my aesthetic, of course) because that's always a blast.

Basically, you can expect to see me working through some of these unknowns right here, AND you can check out some of my work that I've never really fully shared on social media in the past. 

One other thing I should mention! I rarely do the whole "Instagram Blog" thing, so I'll be saving fun, special, extended blog thoughts for this space right here. Sign up for email updates if you want to read more. I'm not going to promise regularity because, let's face it, I'm working two jobs right now and it's a whole thing. But I do plan on writing monthly and keeping you in the loop. *Fingers crossed.*

OH! And one of my upcoming blog posts is going to be a short overview of how I ended up in the creative industry (and found my passion for curated visuals) and how you can, too, if that's something you've always wanted!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll come back! 

- Kait